Thursday, October 11, 2012

VPS hosting, the step ahead.

Once your online project becomes of age and you start to gain a lot of traffic the shared hosting plans just doesn‘t do the thing anymore. A natural question pops up to the mind „What can I do?“ Well the obvious answer is simple - you should upgrade.
There are few options for you or your company to upgrade the shared hosting plan a Dedicated server which gives you entire server machine to yourself or a Virtual Private server or VPS which gives you an entire server machine but you have to share it with few more folks. Now who wants to share. Everyone wants a machine for himself, but the key is the price. While some of the cheapest dedicated servers come at a price around 100$ and the pro packages come at 300$ you can find high quality VPS hosting for 20$ for the basic packages and up to 80$ for the pro packages.

What is VPS hosting?

VPS are part of physical machine which is given to your needs. A virtual server acts like a dedicated server you are guaranteed the resources of a virtual machine and you are the only one who uses them. Of course the resources of the physical server are shared between other VPS users.  The key advantage of VPS is the freedom it gives you to interact with your server:

This allows you to run more complicated scripts and sites on the VPS server which is the main reason for buying dedicated servers. Also the VPS provides an extra level of security by the ability to install your own antivirus programs, firewall and SSL certificates.The traffic that a VPS hosting can maintain is much more than Shared hosting plan and allows more complicated actions to be performed in less time and by more users.The last advantage is the price, as mentioned above VPS is times cheaper than the dedicated server and provides excellent performance.
When you get a VPS hosting you can install your own software and applications on the server such as:

  • big table databases,
  • additional firewalls and antivirus,
  • additional ftp and http,
  • your own mail servers
  • additional software as Glassfish, JBoss,
  • frameworks and modules as ruby on rails

You can use the servers custom web admin panel or install your own.Also you can reboot your server any time. VPS is just like having dedicated server at lower costs.

Types of VPS hosting.

Windows based VPS hosting servers - a VPS hosting server system that operates on  Windows. It will allows the installation of software apps which require Windows to operate without a problem. If you install software that doesn’t work in windows you might expect some troubles. This is the reason they are not used as much as Linux based VPS.
Linux based VPS hosting servers - a VPS hosting server system that operates with Linux. This is the more popular option you can find, because it is more affordable to establish and handle and hence it is more wanted. Linux VPS hosting plans often provide  the LAMP plan (LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP).
Depending on the management of the server there are two types of VPS hosting:
Unmanaged VPS hosting - the VPS provider provides just the server without any software and is up to the customer to install his own software. This is suitable for web masters with very good knowledge and provides freedom to use any software but usually the provider isn't responsible for the applications and does not provide tech support.
Managed VPS hosting - the VPS provider provides the server with installed software and is responsible for both. This is the most common plan because this way the provider provides full tech support on the physical server and on the software used.

Choosing a VPS hosting plan

Once you‘ve decided to upgrade the things to check are:
  • Dedicated CPU
  • Dedicated RAM
  • The monthly traffic allotment
  • Bandwidth (also known as the port speed)
  • The price of the plan.
Few years ago the only solutions for high demanding websites was to rent a dedicated servers. Now with the advancement of technology and the software applications improvement the VPS hosting provided alternative to dedicated servers which quickly became popular. VPS hosting is the most widely used hosting platform for websites with high or medium traffic and provides great performance at very reasonable price.


  1. Very nice post! Vps hosting is just like dedicated server in which you have your separate drive and customize it accordingly.It's better then Shared in every manner.Thanks for sharing
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  3. With the technology of virtual software enabling the creation of vps server, each VPS can independently have its own operating system, and resources like RAM and disk space; with few shared aspects as CPU.

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